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The Sinclair Brothers Trilogy

9 Minutes

Nine Minutes Past Midnight

The only rule of Venetian Carnival: what happens in Venice stays in Venice.

Successful, hardworking and ambitious, Faye Brennan has it all. Well, not quite all – she doesn’t have a man to share it with, and she’s okay with that.

British playboy Crispin Sinclair always gets what he wants. And what he wants right now is Faye. Naked, in his bed, and letting go of her inhibitions.

For Faye, the speed with which Crispin melts through her defences is almost as quick as the speed with which he gets inside her knickers. But once she discovers her own dark side, will Crispin be able to prove to her what they have can be more than a Carnival weekend hook-up?

Be warned: this novella is scorching hot and not for the faint of heart.

8 Days

Eight Days in August

For readers who enjoy Jana Aston and Lauren Blakely.

It’s Megan Welling’s lucky day. What woman wouldn’t want the ruthless, gorgeous, and controlling Jasper Sinclair tied up and at her mercy?

Jasper vows revenge on the sexy seductress who took advantage of him, but first he has to hunt her down. He doesn’t know her name, and has never seen her face. The only thing he has to go on is her connection to the painting stolen from his apartment – and their undeniable chemistry.

This is the second in a series of scorching hot stand-alone stories.

7 Nights

Seven Nights in Provence

Another fast-paced, fun and sexy romance from author Lena de Savoie.

When Rupert Sinclair arrives at his holiday villa in France planning to put it on the market, he surprises a naked woman in his shower. And that’s only the beginning of his troubles.

Deva Atherton is homeless and desperate – desperate enough to pass herself off as the absent landlord’s wife. When her fake husband unexpectedly turns up, she strikes a deal with him: she’ll help him win the woman and the business deal he covets if he’ll help her get back on her feet.

Their marriage might be fake, but with chemistry as hot as theirs there's no faking the attraction...

This is the third in a series of scorchingly-hot stand-alone stories.

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