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One life

Anyone who knows me knows I don't do newspapers. And unless it's to catch the results of the boat race (yesterday was a sad, sad day) I don't watch much television news either. There's enough misery in the world without dwelling on it. Besides, I figure the important stuff will get through, and today it did. Today someone younger than me died tragically. Okay, so people die every day but this one touched me. Our lives may have been nothing alike, but she's someone I've met. Maybe not to talk to, but close enough to wave to during London Fashion Week. About a year ago someone I worked with died suddenly. It was only after she was gone that I realised how little I knew her and how much I'd have liked to know her better. Today just reminded me what I promised myself then: we only have one life to live, so let's damn well live it the best we can. Let's drink the vintage champagne, let's rock the party, let's hold nothing back.

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